Hello and welcome to the Directorio Maestro. We are an English language resource and information center for Spanish and Latina business in the Untied States.

We decided to be an English language site so as not to exclude those second or third generation hispanic entrepreneurs who were not fluent in Spanish. It’s nobody’s fault, it is just an indication that we have become well-integrated into the USA culture. We consider that to be a good thing.

So for the un-initiated, our site name “Directorio Maestro” means “Master Directory”. And that is appropriate because we aim to be the master resource for all things related to entrepreneurship, business, government and politics for people of ¬†Spanish heritage in the USA.

We are always evolving and improving, so to that end, please do let us know what you thing by sending a message on our contact page.

Good Luck and Success!

The Directorio Maestro Team

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